Has Christina Aguilera Gotten Too ‘Dirrty’?

Zoriana Kit of the Hollywood Reporter and Clay Phillips of Access Hollywood debated whether Christina Aguilera’s new image is “too sexy” to Access Hollywood. Kit commented, “She’s not doing anything, come on, she’s always had a sexy persona. I mean if started dressing this way, that would be you know, drastic. If Christina started wearing suits, that would be drastic, but you know, sex sells and as long as she’s got the voice to back it up, I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem.” Phillips countered, “I don’t think it works for her. I don’t think she needs it. If she couldn’t sing. If she didn’t have a voice, than whatever darling. Go do what you need to do to get attention, but shes got too good a voice. I think shes gone too far.”

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