Haters Vs. Britney Spears – Why Care?

Contributed anonymously:

Lately since Britney Spears’ ‘Me Against the Music’ has been getting so much airplay, Britney fans are constantly declaring that Britney is back to all the “haters”, and quite frankly it’s just getting older and older with each essay. Don’t think I am a fan just because I am talking about Britney, not every frigging person in the world has to hate Britney to be a Christina fan and vice versa. I am just sick of all this madness over one single. You Britney fans always base Britney’s talent by how many times one of her singles air on radio, which is no big deal, she hasn’t won any awards or even have any credit for the album itself yet. And that’s sad to me, you guys have nothing to say about Britney but how many times one single is on radio and how beautiful she is and blah, blah, blah.

I don’t hate Britney, I just don’t think she’s that great of a singer or a dancer, and that’s my opinion. For the fans that do, that’s great, be proud of that! You don’t have to always be so dramatic and overly passive about everything Britney does to try to prove a point, we all pretty much understand it. You love Britney, you hate the haters. And what do they both have in common? They both keep you going. If every single person in the world loved Britney you wouldn’t have much to prove or say about her to get your word out now would you? Anyways people, if you love Britney, that’s great, and for the people that hate her, hey keep on going, we are all part of the food chain of celebrity madness! And yeah, I know some of y’all are gonna say, that was the dumbest comment and crap, but hey, so is the fact that there is always a big popularity contest over Britney’s status between the fans all the time. It’s getting annoying.

Once again, fans love Britney, hate the haters, haters will still hate Britney, a little single that’s getting lots of airplay is not gonna change that! Just enjoy the fact it’s getting airplay, you don’t have to make this into a battle, it’s just music, it’s just one single, it’s just Britney.

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10 thoughts on “Haters Vs. Britney Spears – Why Care?

  1. CARPEDIEM says:

    This essay is just a bad as the one’s her fans wrote. This is not news, stop posting this crap.

  2. anti_avril says:

    I agree with this article and people wouldn’t post stuff like this if every would stop hating.

  3. B0rntoplay says:

    Maybe Britney fans would stop defending Britney if everyone stopped attacking her… On the same note, Britney fans are a bit high strung…I know, I’m one of them. Oh well, people are always going to hate her and love her. I just love how people on this website love to say she is over, but don’t realize that all the while she is STILL making the most headlines. Hmm.

  4. musikluver says:

    Why can’t you learn to share your thoughts and opinions in a few short sentences like everyone else does…. I mean.. was this long essay necessary… you could have wrote two sentences,,instead you just babbled like a fool… I hope you have more control over your a$s than your mouth because sh**, just like your essay belongs in the toilet! nobody cares!

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    SERIOUSLY…when was the last time she made headlines about her CAREER that wasn’t a huge scandal? When was the last time something in her personal life wasn’t sold as bait? SURE, she’s making headlines!! And if I were her, I’d run and hide cause it’s shows what a disgrace she REALLY is!

  6. jimmypee says:

    The first paragraph made sense. the rest was just blah. Britney’s nothing but hype. her fans are quite the most ironically arrogant, and delusional people I’ve ever come across.

  7. DolphinLuva81 says:

    Oh well so she can’t sing good as Christina,but I must admit that when I heard her first song ever, BOMT, that I was hooked… I don’t really think that was she does (smoking,drinking,whatever) is just a crime, hell I do it myself :-)~ I like her and Christina both so I’m not gonna bash on either.

  8. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Why can’t she just quit the entertainment business and go back home pimp herself like the dog she is?

  9. hellahooked says:

    This was a waste of time reading.. Let me ask you a question… Why do YOU care? What’s really getting annoying is these stupid essays.. “you guys have nothing to say about Britney but how many times one single is on radio and how beautiful she is and blah, blah, blah.” Idiot, why is this so hard for you to understand that most of the freaking articles posted are pictures of her, so of course we will be commenting on how she looks beautiful etc. Geez.

  10. crunkchig says:

    Christina is more vocally talented, I agree. however, you can’t deny the fact that Britney is more successful. she really is. Christina=more vocal talent, Britney=more success. it’s simple as that. how you judge who is better is based on what you consider “better”… fame, fortune, and popularity… or talent. you decide.

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