Have We Really Come To This?

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

I apologize for this…essay 1,574,999,847,003,000 and 1!! I hate them just as much as the rest of you. I was just saying the other night how I think they need to stop, because most of you don’t put ANY thought behind them, as demonstrated by several to pop up since Saturday Night!

No offense, but what the hell is wrong with all of you? You think just because was in the headlines this year that she’s the “clear and definite winner” in the battle of Britney vs. Christina Aguilera? You’re kidding me right? You throw out TONS of numbers from this year, but you overlook SO MUCH!! Yeah, Britney was constantly in headlines…she has been since her split with Timberlake. 2 marriages, 1 ending after 55 hours. Many, including myself, called it a publicity stunt to get people to remember her. She got what she wanted…that story was the biggest talk for weeks afterward. She met Kevin…fell in “love” (yet another publicity stunt if you ask me…and a rather expensive one) She did the trashiest things this year…going into public restrooms barefoot (asking for a disease), wearing the same pair of shorts day in and day out (lord KNOWS she could afford to not only wear different ones, but ones that are NICE…a tad classy….) with the lamest t-shirts SCREAMING to get attention…practically demanding it. Let’s see…”I’m a Virgin, but this is an old t-shirt”, “I The American Dream”, “Move Bitch, VIP”… Going out on her balcony and letting the world believe that she’s down on her knees giving Kevin, ya know… Yeah, that’s the kind of publicity I would want….. She whines and complains about wanting to be off tour, only AFTER meeting Kevin did it become an obnoxious thing, and then suddenly, she hurts her knee!! “She’ll be out 8 to 12 weeks healing”, but then she was seen on vacation here and there, out and about walking around. Her mom ran over a photographer with her car. Do I need to go on? Name ONE story that was released that was GOOD, or CLASSY….. NAME ONE!!

Christina made a few appearances. She was on Oprah during Election season talking about why it was so important to vote!! She was at the VMAs!! We saw her here and there doing this and that! She transformed her image yet again, shocking the world one day looking different than they remembered! She admitted to taking out all but one of her “exotic” piercings. Hell, she took a shower. She was supposed to tour, but was put on vocal rest and had to bail out. Some of you still argue that it was due to poor ticket sales. See, to Christina, the MUSIC is important, and if 12 people show up, that’s 12 people she gets to express herself to. But it doesn’t matter…her album was released a while ago, and she had already had a successful world tour….As much as I hate to admit it cause of her tour mate. But for the most part, Christina was secluded…probably searching her soul! Think back…if you are old enough to remember this… Between her debut and Stripped, she was seen a few times, did a few projects…the Ricky Martin duet, Lady Marmalade…. This year she did “Carwash” and a duet with Nelly. But she basically put herself out of sight for the majority of the year!! I’m sure she’s writing, getting ideas for the next record… Sure, she didn’t celebrate the success she’s had in the past. These weren’t really HER projects…in all fairness, she was a guest, one of a few, on Nelly’s CD, and “Carwash” was a song from a kid’s movie. She didn’t write either song, didn’t produce them…. I got the feeling that she would have rather put more effort into HER projects, and NOT been out and about as much. The Vote thing…something she obviously felt passionate about and wanted to take part in…. Everything else just kind of got in the way for her. I’m sure she’s not loosing sleep over it. The point is, she hasn’t DONE anything this year….why should she be promoting? THERE’S NOTHING TO PROMOTE!!! A failed DVD? You know, I honestly didn’t know it was out until afterwards, when you all “gloated” about how much it failed in comparison to Britney’s. Overall, she was working on her next REAL project.

This is what ARTISTS do!! This isn’t something you do when you just throw an album together for the sake of being out there! QUALITY doesn’t just happen at random…QUALITY takes WORK!! And another thing…I’m sure one thought that runs through Christina’s mind is that she doesn’t want to be overexposed 24-7-365 because that is one thing that has caused Britney to NOT sell well. (Put aside that her music has become less quality stuff and is just crap that people with standards would NEVER buy into!!)

Matt Damon said it best!! Nobody is going to buy your art, your CD’s, tickets to your movies, your DVD’s when they see you day in and day out in the media (at your disposal or theirs)! When in the tabloids and magazines you see a timeline…”Monday she was at the bar drinking and smoking. Tuesday she had lunch with her mom, then went shopping with Fe, and then went to dinner with hubby, then saw a movie. Wednesday she went on a drive and peed in a men’s room. Thursday, she hung out on her balcony and gave Kevin a BJ while he danced around for the cameras…..” You get the point… People get sick of you when you sell yourself like that. And everything Britney has done has been in publicity interest!! So she nailed her own coffin shut and dug her own hole and caused this all herself. And why not…she can sell her side of the story for a hefty profit….she can hype up her wedding so that people magazine wants to pay top dollar for exclusive pics…. You don’t think she’s made money off of this? Why do you think I don’t buy the magazines she’s in for those things? She’s made money off of it, and I can’t put money in her pocket!

I sit back in amazement because you don’t seem to realize what’s going on here! Britney has all but left the industry. She’s talking about having a baby, and how when you have kids, YOU should be the one to raise them…not a nanny… Now, she’s been hypocritical with everything else, so this doesn’t MEAN 100% that she won’t change her mind and decide she can’t take it that someone else is getting the attention and come back… But right NOW, she’s talking about being a homebody, being in retirement, hinting that she’s done with it all. That her dreams weren’t really met because she never really had control, but she was a puppy on a string….yet another contradiction, since she’s been saying for the last few years that she has total control over her image and product… WHATEVER!! She’s a hypocrite and she’s made millions off of being just that. I don’t’ feel sorry for her at all. I felt sorry for Princess Diana…she asked that she not be hounded. I feel sorry for Julia Roberts because she doesn’t ask to be photographed and followed around. I feel sorry for Justin and Cameron, cause they really aren’t asking for the stalkerazzi. I feel sorry for just about anyone who is just out trying to live their lives as normal as possible. But I don’t feel sorry for Britney. She is a walking contradiction, and THAT is why they follow her….to “catch her in the act” of doing something wrong…or doing something that the world wouldn’t approve of….they do this cause of the stuff she’s said over the years! PLUS, they know it “pisses her off”…. But I’m convinced she calls them and tells them where she’s gonna be! If she WANTED privacy, she wouldn’t give interviews about her engagement and marriage and baby plans. She’d make a press release! Look at Brad and Jen…they’re trying for a baby, but neither of them talk about it to the media on a regular basis!! Sure, they talk about it here and there when asked, but they don’t divulge details about it! I really think Britney WANTS to be on baby watch because it keeps the media interested!! It’s like she’s buying the attention that she claims she doesn’t want!! Give me a break…anyone can see the game she’s playing!!

I really don’t get you people!! Britney was successful at being the butt of jokes…Christina was successful at getting away from it all for a bit! Christina has the best of both worlds….her career; she gets headlines when she wants them…she sells well when it’s time! Christina also can go out and have a drink and not have it blown out of proportion!! She knows HOW to get away and be away for extended periods of time!!! And when it’s time for her to promote, she’s out there….AND she’s welcomed with open arms!! Britney, on the other hand…I don’t really remember seeing a GOOD review…she promotes, she gets trashed. She “tries to get away and take a break” and she gets trashed. It’s a love-hate relationship….she loves the media, and the world, for the most part, hates her!!

I think what irritates me the most is that the Scott Peterson verdict is about to come in…He could die for killing his wife and unborn son. The Ukrainian candidate that wasn’t the incumbent was possibly poisoned for an attempted murder to keep him from taking office!! We have hundreds of thousands of men and women in Iraq fighting in a war, dying, killing…. These are just three of MAJOR stories that SHOULD be the interest right now! But no, you all are concerned with trying to prove that Britney wins the battle. Who the flip really cares? It’s not that important!! But I’ll tell you something….when you spend time, writing essay after essay showing how she’s won…. The more you type, the more desperate you seem. The more I wonder if you’re trying to convince us or yourselves!!!

My opinion, if you don’t think Britney is a joke, you’re an even bigger one than she is!! You’ve been fooled in a MAJOR way!! Get over yourselves….focus on something of importance!

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