HDTV Goes To See Britney Spears

Phillip Swann of TVPredictions.com checked out Britney Spears’ Showtime concert in HDTV, and found the pop princess should stick to music videos after seeing a singer who “looked like she hadn’t slept in days.” Swann says Britney’s face was “bumpy and puffy, making her appear five to ten years older than her years.” Swann added, “Interestingly, Showtime featured very few close-ups of Spears’ face, opting mostly to display long shots of the singer shaking her booty during long dance numbers. For the voters of FHM, that may sound like a good decision. However, to make matters worse, it appears that Spears has put on a few pounds, particularly in her legs. Although still charming and appealing, she doesn’t possess the physical sizzle in HDTV that she exhibits in her music videos such as ‘Toxic’.”

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