Hear’Say Aren’t Friends With Kym Marsh Anymore

Hear’Say stopped by Capital FM the other day to talk about their new single ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’, plans for the album, touring next year and life after the departure of Kym Marsh. Asked about the new album, said, “We’ve been jet-setting all over the place trying to work with as many producers as possible to get as many influences as we can. It’s going to be very cool, very sassy sounding. We’re going out to New York next week and then the week after that we’re in Norway – so there’s a lot of different influences coming our way.”

Meanwhile, Danny Foster didn’t have much kind to say about Kym and not being invited to her wedding. “We’re not still friends with Kym,” Danny said. “Kym left the band and that’s it. We’re not really up on the wedding, we didn’t want to go and we weren’t invited. You have to move on and move away from things. Kym left the band eight months ago now, so to be honest we couldn’t care less what she’s doing, because we’re busy doing what we’re doing. To have a single charting means that Hear’say have moved on and we’re now a new band in our own right. The past is absolutely irrelevant now.”

Hear’Say Shot At By Crazed Gunman

July 16, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports Hear’Say were shaken after a crazed gunman threatened them as they headed to Summer XS gig in Himley Park, Dudley, Wolverhampton on Sunday. A band source revealed, “To say they were freaked out is an understatement. They have no idea why someone would want to launch an unprovoked attack on them. They are just relieved no one was hurt.”

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