Heath Ledger Wants Britney Spears

Heath Ledger tells the latest issue of Stuff magazine he wants Britney Spears to rebound from her romance with him. Ledger said, “I want that girl, I can’t deny it. I can treat better than any man around. I’ve met her a few times, and let me tell you I was smitten.”

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3 thoughts on “Heath Ledger Wants Britney Spears

  1. joker1000 says:

    maybe because he knows she a whore. if I’m wrong. then wow, respect is too low in the world. BRING RESPECT BACK NOT SEXY BACK…MAYBE BOTH OF EM WOULD DO BETTER

  2. Sofiya says:

    Oh eww, not accounting for taste, huh?

  3. xoxo says:

    That would’ve been great. Absolutely adorable and what a kind thing for him to say.

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