Heather Nova Finishes Recording New Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@heathernova) on Wednesday (August 25), where she talked about progress on a follow-up to her 2008 album ‘The Jasmine Flower’. The Bermudian singer-songwriter tells readers:

Hi everyone

I just finished recording 19 songs for a new album. we did it over the past 2 months in my home studio in Bermuda. It’s a full band record. It has yet to be mixed but so far is sounding good! David Ayers played guitars (he played all the guitars on oyster) and bass and Geoff Dugmore played drums. I played acoustic guitar and piano and Felix Tod engineered and produced. It was a good vibe with everyone having to intermittently jump in the sea to cool off, as it was 85 degrees with 100 percent humidity! Had to get the vocals done during daylight hours as the tree frogs are so loud at night. Nina came for part of it and cooked chapatis and curries for us, and Sebastian had a Lego table set up in the middle of the studio. “Christmas” the puppy went from lap to lap and luckily hurricane “Colin” decided to dissipate on our doorstep. The sun kept shining and providing the studio with solar powered energy. Most importantly all those songs I wrote over the past year and a half came to life in a natural and beautiful way with such fine musicians and ideas.

Taking a short break in Canada now before starting rehearsals for the fall tour.

love and peaches


October tour dates at www.heathernova.com/

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