Heidi Klum Would Love To Meet Michael Jackson

When supermodel Heidi Klum was asked which celebrity she’d love to meet and why, she said the self-proclaimed King of Pop. “I would love to meet Michael Jackson,” she told US Weekly. “There are a lot of celebrities that you see out here and there, but you never ever see him. He’s kind of like an alien. I would love to see what he’s all about.”

The New Kings Of Comedy For Our Summer Doldrums

July 20, 2002 – Cornelius Chapman of the Boston Herald says we’re in the summer doldrums, and “into this void step the Kings of Comedy – Johnnie Cochran Jr., the Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Jackson – to bring us laughter on a summer’s day.” Chapman continues, “Their shtick involves an attempt to disguise Jackson, a black man who has spent a great deal of money trying to make himself look like a white woman, as a victim of racism. Their skit makes a typical ‘I Love Lucy’ plot seem boring.”

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