Here We Go Again…

Contributed anonymously:

Ahhh! Stop telling people what to do!! Is every one here very stoned? You seem to have the attention span of two year olds…I am very, very, very sorry to write another essay, I feel bad for you all I really do, but I can’t help myself….I almost didn’t write it (but then remembered that this is a site where you post your opinions, and while I completely understand some peoples intense aversion to essays….well too bad).

If you don’t like negative opinions go to a fan site.

If you have something to say put your name behind it otherwise forget it anonymous.

If you don’t know what an opinion is look it up

If you feel yourself getting too involved then take a breathe and move on

If you take things seriously or are mature in any way then ignore the pointless comments (their authors are just having some fun and trolling for people to respond so they can have more, if you are not one of them you will just work yourself up)

Insight to Chris fans – You don’t seem to understand why people like Britney well here :
– They like her voice (and find Christina’s too powerful or grating)
– They prefer not to listen to such serious material when they just want to let loose and have fun
– She seems to have a shine to her, something that just makes people smile
– She is beautiful, full of life and has an endearing silliness to her

Insight to Brit fans – same problem
– They like her voice, it is amazing
– They like that she seems so true, so harsh, so honest
– They like her message
– They like her in-your-face style

Okay? These are peoples opinions, if you don’t agree then counter them with your own, bash away…but don’t for a minute think that by pushing your opinions on others you will “make them see the light” cause it’ll never happen and you will just drive yourself crazy.

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