Here’s The Thing That Is Aggravating

Contributed anonymously: Warning: if you don’t want to read this stuff, DONT. People can be very aggravating and harsh at times, whether it’s about a celebrity or one of the users on popdirt.

One thing me and my friend talked about on the phone the other day was how there is so much stuff we hate about this and stuff.

I am a big Britney fan and I don’t agree with everything she does but I’m still a fan. As most of you know, I’m not a Christina fan.

One annoying thing is for example, when the and Christina make out story came out, Christina fans on here (you people know who you are) actually said “good, Christina’s living her life”…… my gosh if Britney did that, you’d be going berserk on her, and you know it!

Also people who say some harsh things to real popdirt users. Some people will disrespect you just because of who you are a fan of and stuff like that.

Also I really wanted to clear this up, there is NO rule that says “Oh everybody has to be at least 18 to visit popdirt and have internet access” so no matter how old a person is, it shouldn’t matter the years, what should matter is how their personality is and how mature they are compared to other idiots on this site.

Okay so, let the hating begin.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing That Is Aggravating

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    okay. Yeah it’s aggravating, but what can you do about it? You act as if every Christina fan is bias and hypocritical like that. This website has its share of both Christina AND Britney fans that act bias and hypocritical over this Christina and Britney stuff, but there are also mature Britney and Christina fans too on here that don’t always do that. Just pay attention to the mature people instead of focusing on just the immature ones.

  2. BiancaBR says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is,I like them both and maybe there are thing that Christina might do that I can’t picture Britney doing or vice versa…..I don’t know….I think they both have good music,Christina has a better voice,but so does Mariah and Whitney and I don’t see the fuss around those 3….anyway,just enjoy their music dude….gee…at the end its all about music.

  3. Berrylicious says:

    Way to go…”do as I say not as a do” You say you hate people who are bias but there you go being bias. Personally I think it is stupid how people base their whole lives around the lives of pop stars and they just defend everything they do because of who they are. I come on here to read the entertainment news but something tells me the average age range of popdirt users are between 11-14. And you’re sadly mistaken, age does matter-a MATURE person would not waste their time writing a hypocritical essay on not bashing people while amazingly, at the same time bashing someone…you kids amaze me and yes I did say KIDS

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