‘Hero’ Justin Timberlake Saves The Day

The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reports and Cameron Diaz witnessed a purse snatching so Justin ran after the guy who threw the purse. The *NSYNC star returned it to the woman and got a nice kiss from Cameron who said he’s her hero after the victim said that he was her hero.

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4 thoughts on “‘Hero’ Justin Timberlake Saves The Day

  1. grprincess says:

    I don’t believe that wuss Justin would do that. Stallion don’t be jealous, maybe you can give Justin a kiss too (and maybe some head as well). I know you want to.

  2. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    Now the whole world knows Justin is too much of a pretty boy to be running after nobody to get a purse….c’mon on now… get it together

  3. muzik_luver says:

    LOL at Cameron saying “NO he’s MY hero” I could see J doing this.

  4. elgato says:

    Basically he didn’t get the guy. can’t keep Britney happy. can’t stop criminals. let’s call him ‘can’t get right’

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