Hey Guess What?!

In this life it is not about talent. Call me shallow or whatever you want but I am serious. The media is fascinated with gorgeous looks and etc. I hate to break it to everyone but I work with magazines, they don’t and no one else cares about talent. Get over it! The world is more obsessed with puppy eyes and relationships than with music piano notes. I am not shallow but I know basically all what’s going to be publicized in 2005.What is that? Looks. Talent does not matter in this life.

Obviously is talented but has not sold a lot of albums at all. Then there is Like who is famous for, well… being good looking and that’s about it. Looks are everything. Sorry it’s the world we live in. is an amazing singer and is very talented but because she does not fit the cookie cutter California perfect girl stereotype she is not highly publicized or given the attention that her vocal range deserves. That is how it is going to be.

I’m not going to like Britney is not that talented (I’m a fan of hers and us Britney fans have to start being honest) Britney Spears however is pretty (She modeled for Tommy when she was 14 before she was famous) she gets a lot of attention and media coverage. She also has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame something that puts her in the same category as Marilyn Monroe! Why is it there because people think that Britney is pretty? In this world its majority wins, so while some public might not like (for example) Paris or Britney, the media has already given both of them secure spots forever. Why? Because one is worth 6500 mil and the other is worth 300 mil and they both make for a good read.

This is an honest opinion that is factual and reality. No matter how many times anyone comes on this site and objects, it won’t change anythind. Yet that’s our world.

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