Highlights From Lindi Ortega’s Iowa Concerts

posted highlights from her shows in Clear Lake and Davenport while on tour in Iowa with Kevin Costner. “Iowa, I have fallen in love with you! You are the most beautiful lovely people I have ever encountered and I was so honored to play your wonderful state,” Ortega wrote on her MySpace (@lindimusic). “Thank you for making my time here so special. I will not forget it and I will make great efforts to come back again!”

The concert performance footage at her YouTube channel have since been removed.

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One thought on “Highlights From Lindi Ortega’s Iowa Concerts

  1. Christopher "Crazy Moon Spirit" Byarley says:

    Just returned from a twelve hour round trip to Davenport, IA to catch the Kevin Costner/Modern West concert. A GREAT concert with a delicate topping of Lindi Ortega – absolutely STUNNING – thanks

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