Hilary Duff Checks In After Filming In Bulgaria

posted the following message on her blog at AOL Red the other day: “I just spent my first week on the set of the new movie I am in called ‘War, Inc.’ It was so cool. Other actors starring in the movie are John Cusack, his sister Joan Cusack, Marisa Tomei and Sir Ben Kingsley. We are filming in Bulgaria which is near Turkey, Romania and the Black Sea. The food is different but fresh. They really love salads! Salad with tomato, cucumber and feta cheese, called a Shopska salad, seems to be their favorite. I like it a lot because, since Bulgaria doesn’t use pesticides, their vegetables are super fresh. In America, an apple can last a week because of preservatives and pesticides, but in Bulgaria, after a day or two, it will be old. I have about four more weeks of filming. It’s winter and soooo cold here. Gotta go, I’ll see u soon.” The film’s title has been alternating between ‘War, Inc.’ and ‘Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens’.

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