Hilary Duff Checks In From Bulgaria

posted the following update to fans on her blog at AOL RED Blogs on Friday (November 10): “OMG! I have so much to tell. The movie is going really well in Bulgaria,” Duff writes, referring to ‘War, Inc.’ “John Cusack is so cool and so is the rest of the cast. I came home a few days for Halloween and hung out with my sister and friends. I was a gypsy and Haylie was an 80’s aerobics instructor. When I get back to LA, I am going to really focus on my album so I can release it next year! It is cold here in Bulgaria. I miss the California sun. Gotta go, but make sure you check out my new scent With Love…Hilary Duff. The video and the commercial will be out soon. It looks really cool, I am so happy with it! Oh, and I’m on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ on Tuesday, November 14 talking about so many things including my fragrance. Plus we have a fashion show with my stuff by hilary duff Holiday collection. So don’t miss it! Peace :)”

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