Hilary Duff Concert Great Before Growing Up

Mark Pino of the Orlando Sentinel was on hand for ’s sell out concert at the Silver Spurs Arena on Wednesday (August 3) with his 11-year-old daughter. Pino writes, “No need to worry about road rage. The testosterone in the arena might have filled a 5-gallon bucket. The girls love Hilary. Lizzie McGuire, a character she played on TV and in a movie, helped launch her career. Disney seems a lifetime ago. These days she is everywhere — from TV to a blossoming music career, to the big screen to new commercials hawking an exclusive junior brand of Candie’s at Kohl’s department stores. Count on it to be huge with the bubble-gum crowd.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Concert Great Before Growing Up

  1. popstar says:

    Then you grow up & realize a good concert isn’t about confetti & a light show, but MUSIC, is what the reviewer basically means.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    ^ it’s all popstar’s fault!!

    why didn’t you send that part in then??’, ‘that would’ve been better!

    oops, looks like I was wrong. there was a Hilary story today. sorry lilsongwritergal! but I sent that pm BEFORE this was posted!

  3. lilsongwritergal says:

    Why the hell is it taking so long to send this pm to you? Its been in the out box for like 2 hours Ill just put it on here I don’t care if everyone else sees its nothing much We don’t have a band name yet. We are going to decide that someday though lol. Right now Im just writing so many songs on my guitar and singing. If I wrote a song for Hilary Duff It would be like : (off the top of my head) Im a disney creation Im Hilary Duff But all my teeny boppers have had enough Everybodys sick of me everywhere I go Canada, Usa and even Tokyo I don’t write songs And I lipsynch How did I get a deal, It makes you think But I get everything I want to And everyone, I want to screw ! Yes Its me, Hilary Duff Im a ditz Im untalented and I’m a b*tch I got Joel madden under my spell And I want to make his life living hell Because Im Hilary Duff Im rich enough I pretend to act punk when Im a prep Its just a trend, so ask my rep I don’t like people to ask me myself Why do it when I can hire someone else? Yes Its me, Hilary Duff Im a ditz Im untalented and I’m a b*tch I got Joel madden under my spell And I want to make his life living hell Because Im Hilary Duff Im rich enough Im the disney creation Im Hilary Duff I haven’t ruined your ears enough Im going to sing this song everywhere I go Canada, Usa and where the f**k is Tokyo??? Hol.y crap looking back that was pretty funny for just randomly typing as I went…OK anyways ttyl -kate Pee Ess I think all the songwriters should boycott her, then she’d be screwed hahhahahahahaha =)

  4. astrange1 says:

    That’s pretty funny. Maybe you should add a verse about her teeth.

  5. XtinaFan says:

    funniest thing ever = ihatehilary going on and on a few months ago about how Joel and Hilary aren’t dating, even though I would tell her otherwise all the time that THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE BRITNEY AND JUSTIN (in the sense that they were denying it at first, and would finally admit it after a while)… however, ihatehilary would deny it.. she would scream and cuss at me, while posting 4896359608 comments commenting about “duffs muff” and other lame teenybopper sh** like that… even when Benji practically ADMITTED that Joel was dating Hilary on Howard Stern, ihatehilary would pass it off as a joke, then scream and cuss some more. Now they have admitted it.. and as pathetic as ihatehilary is, she can’t admit it to herself.. she still denies they are dating, while screaming and cussing and STILL posting 285749826784 comments about “duffs muff”. So I ask, WHY does it bother you so much, ihatehilary? Did you think that YOUR fat ass would date Joel? Why does it affect YOUR life if two people you don’t know, and will NEVER know, are dating? It is PATHETIC when I look at the comments on a Hilary Duff post, and 80 percent of the comments are from you.. sometimes you even REPLY TO YOURSELF. my point = GET A LIFE.. and not just you.. every single fu**ing person on here ( e.g jimmypee) that feels ANY TYPE OF EMOTION when ANY CELEBRITY does or doesn’t do something.. get your own life, your OWN friends, your own melodrama. pathetic people.

  6. lilsongwritergal says:

    Ya !!! I should. I did it off the top of my head anyways. Ok I’m adding another one : Don’t you like my walrus teeth I got them done, got them bleached They cost me lots of money I don’t care, next is my tummy

    Pathetic people? You just spent like probably 20 minutes writing that and rambling on how you don’t like us when we don’t care………….I Wonder whos pathetic. We are entiltled to our own opinions you know and if you don’t like what we say about her then screw off.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    lol.’, ‘I type extremely fast.. it only took me less than 5 minutes. jeez, just because you type 20wpm doesn’t mean everybody else does. lol :-))

  8. ihatehilary says:

    i see your problem, you’re a Britney fan, so you’re angry at jimmypee, but since he’s not here you’re taking it out on me. okay, that’s okay. I won’t take it personally. :) but where exactly did I comment the hell out of this? I haven’t been doing that for weeks. and if you want to talk about pathetic emails, cuz I know that’s what you were referring to, what the fu** do you call yours then?? and if you’re also referring to the howard stern interview about waiting to bang her until she’s 18, JOEL admitted that. and I’m the one that’s obsessed? okay, I think you are too. and with me. but like I said, it’s okay, I won’t take it personal. we’re still friends! on a side note, I am sick of everybody thinking I don’t want him dating Hilary cuz I want him. cuz I DON’T! why the fu** would I want that twink? it doesn’t crush my dream of being with him. it does however, crush my twinsex dream, or maybe it doesn’t if that lesbo b.itch astrange1 is right like she’s right about everything and Hilary watches while they do it.. but either way, THAT’S what pisses me off. especially that last part!

  9. astrange1 says:

    Oh, you finally have a new friend and your afraid of letting anyone talk to her? Why? Are you afraid I’ll put a spell on her like Hilary did to Joel? That suddenly she won’t talk to you and she’ll start carrying my dog around in a pink blanket? (BTW, I have a lab so that’ll be one mean feat.) Calm down. Everything will be ok – at least until the VMA awards. Then you can meltdown. Maybe she’s preggers.

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