Hilary Duff Describes ‘Heart Of Summer’

spoke with MRIB about her new film project ‘Heart Of Summer’, which she described as “really cool story.” Hilary says, “It’s about a girl who lives in a small town and wants to be a performer. It’s actually kinda sad. Her and her brother go to a concert and they’re driving, they’re late trying to get home, and they have a head on crash and the brother gets killed and then the family is having a really hard time and stuff. Her kind of release is she goes to a school in New York for performance and she meets all these other kids that are kind of different like her ‘cos she’s never really fitted in at school ‘cos she always knows that she had other interests that other kids don’t have. She goes and has these really cool performances at the school but she has to lie to her dad and her mom lies to the dad too to let her go ‘cos she knows it’s the best thing for her.”

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