Hilary Duff Didn’t Like ‘SNL’ Spoof With Lindsay Lohan

Hilary Duff tells USA Today wasn’t amused by being spoofed on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ in a sketch satirizing her reported feud with teen star and guest host Lindsay Lohan. “I knew it was going to happen,” Duff said. “I don’t think she likes me very much, but I wasn’t insulted. I think it’s really mean when they make fun of people. If I ever hosted SNL, I wouldn’t do a skit about her. I liked that I got to dress all in pink, though.” Read more.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beef With Hilary Duff Is So, Like, Totally Over

Us Weekly caught up with Lindsay Lohan to discuss her new film ‘Mean Girls’ and asked about her own “mean girl” fight with teen counterpart Hilary Duff. “It was kind of over, like, months ago,” she totally said. “We’re cool. Don’t pick on us!”

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8 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Didn’t Like ‘SNL’ Spoof With Lindsay Lohan

  1. Cosmo says:

    what a baby. SNL makes fun of EVERYONE, it’s their job. and besides, Lindsay didn’t ASK the writers to make fun of Hilary dammit. get over it Hil.

  2. Riddle_Jones says:

    She needs to get over this damn argument, I mean, c’mon. She started it, and its her that keeps dragging it out. Every time I see Lindsey on TV or read interviews, she says that she doesn’t hate Hilary and hopes they can move on. But then Hilary always goes on saying Lindsey is saying bad stuff about her. And yeah SNL spoofs EVERYONE!!! I mean how many times have they made fun of Britney? God Hilary needs to get a sense of humor, and I hope she NEVER hosts SNL

  3. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Hilary Duff has the mentality of an 8 year old. “I think it’s really mean when they make fun of people.” Oh, WAH, Hilary. This isn’t grade school anymore, you’re not on the playground, and you can’t get the teacher to give someone detention for calling you names. Grow up and deal with the fact that, in the real world, people criticize each other, satirize each other, and yes, even MAKE FUN of each other.

  4. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    That just goes to show how she can’t let petty stuff go and Lindsay already established that it was dead like 5 million years ago. I always liked Lindsay better.

  5. scratchnsniff says:

    God, she is such a baby! Apparently, she’s never watched SNL or she’d know that everyone gets joked on there. Until she can mature and learn to laugh at herself, she’s not equipped to be in that business.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Well first of all, SNL is entertainment and it’s satirical and celebrity humor comedy, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. She needs to grow up and realize that every celebrity on that show, and in life, get made fun of and insulted everyday, and if she can’t just laugh and let it go, then she shouldn’t watch the show and stop whining about it.

  7. LibraGal says:

    Ugh…Hilary is so annoying. It was a damn joke. I know Hilary is young, but she’s old enough to understand certain things. But I suppose she’s doing what so many young mainstream artists do, which is play down their intelligence. Well….I hope that is what she is doing, rather than her being a total idiot/ cry baby.

  8. allyouwanted says:

    I wouldn’t call Hilary a baby like all you people were noticeably quick to say. this world is turning upside down and one day we will crash. I used to like Lindsay when she was younger, but she is showing WAY too much even for her age. she represents Mean Girls, which I saw and I know that it represented such a strong point that you can’t start calling people sluts and whores and you don’t need to fight over this stuff, but wonder where the fighting came from? an obvious and big effort to look like their teen idols. Lindsay is one, so she’s this week’s hypocrite. I think we all need to wake up because Lindsay is just like all the others and Hilary isn’t because she has a different attitude towards life. do you know what it’s like to be cornered like that? just because you believe something and then everyone else doesn’t there’s so much negative activity going on towards you? if you do, you obviously don’t pity it. Lindsay is kind of stupid to going back to Aaron carter. and Hilary is getting smarter in this business, just you wait!

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