Hilary Duff Discusses A Night To Make A Difference

Hilary Duff talks about her involvement in the Leeza Gibbons Oscar night event at Mr. Chow talked about her participation in A Night To Make A Difference on Oscar Night at Mr. Chow on Sunday (February 22) in Beverly Hills, an event to benefit the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation and Olivia Newton-Johns Cancer and Wellness Centre Appeal.

“It’s such a great opportunity for young actors or artists that you have a cause that they believe in and a vision for how they can change the world,” Duff says in a promo clip. “Getting to all be in one room, one special night. Do interviews and raise the awareness. Let the public know what each one of us has going on, just all about our charities. It’s hugely creative and we need it. The world needs it right now, so way to go Leeza.”

Watch it below.

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