Hilary Duff Discusses Her Role In ‘Beauty & The Briefcase’

spoke with Channel Guide magazine about her new movie ‘Beauty & the Briefcase’, which premieres April 18th on ABC Family, which sees the newly engaged singer/actress playing a woman who goes undercover in the business world and find true love. Being into fashion herself, was she excited to get into her role as a fashion writer for Cosmopolitan in the film?

I feel really lucky in that I probably wouldn’t have the same tastes that I have now [if not for my job]. I’ve gotten to meet lots of people and work with great people. I think I know what looks good on me and what I’m drawn to. They let me have a really big part of her style. When I met with the producers … just talking about the project, each time I walked in they’re like, “Yeah, this is the character. This is exactly how we see her. Just like your style.” It was really flattering to me, and fun that I got to be part of that side of it. Instead of just showing up as an actor, I got to create her all the way around, including her wardrobe. It was fun because it wasn’t exactly how I dress. I don’t wear little business suits, and I don’t wear that much color, but I got to have big-time say, which was fun.

Check out the entire interview at channelguidemag.com and watch a trailer via YouTube below.

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  1. krissma says:

    hey whats going on Hilary Duff I wonder how I can meet you every day but that’s ok hey my name is krissma please send me some of your pictures because I really do love them you look hot in those pictures? please read all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilary Duff I think you are the most awesome and terrific person and if I was to meet you I would be happy. and sometimes I wish I could be a model and a singer so if you can tell me how I would really be happy?

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