Hilary Duff Doesn’t Plan Collaboration With Madden Bros.

Working with Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden and his brother Benji helped break new ground with her music, she tells MTV News. “Being in the studio with people you’re close with makes a world of difference when you’re recording and being creative.” But should fans expect a collaboration between the two anytime soon? “Um, I don’t know,” she said, pausing. “I love their music, but I don’t think so.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Doesn’t Plan Collaboration With Madden Bros.

  1. popstar says:

    Hmm..MM, tell me your sources. who is this person that keeps sending you news I don’t have?

  2. ihatehilary says:

    did you submit this one popstar?

    i only have two words: thank god! mmmmmm, god. and that’s all I have to say because my biggest fear has been put to rest. *goes into oblivion at god and just at never having to worry about her singing with them ever*

  3. hooker says:

    What this fuss about this fake boobs slutty, Lindsay versus Hilary Duff, OMG? Everybody wants to rule the world, truly!! Why oh why?

  4. astrange1 says:

    “They knew I needed some new songs and wanted a totally different sound, so they went into the studio and did some stuff and then Joel brought it to me and said, ‘You gotta check this out. You’ll like it.’ ” So it was all Joel’s idea?!? What a pathetic beaten p*ssywhipped loser he turned out to be. And Benji ought to be smacked for not kicking Joel’s ass for risking what remained of GC’s rocker cred. Unless, of course, Benji had already joined the ranks of Hilary’s rockstar “good friends.”

  5. ihatehilary says:

    I doubt it was joel’s idea. I’m sure he’s not allowed to think for himself anymore afterall. Hilary does that for him. he probably went in with benji and john to record some songs for people looking for songwriters or even for their own new cd. the “put on my makeup on a Saturday night” line fits them. then, like we said before, Hilary probably stole it from Joel. though Joel probably wouldn’t use the word ‘steal’. she made Joel give it to her. so back off! he can’t help what he does when he’s under her control. it’s like I can’t help what I do when I’m under your control. except not just like it, cuz they don’t do that. she denies Joel sex with benji. you force sex on me. anyway, I thought you were gonna be gone for a couple of weeks?? can’t you be satisfied knowing the fun you’ll have after the VMA’s and let me enjoy myself until then? why do you have to cross the line and bring benji into this now? I’m already letting you eat me. what more do you want?

  6. astrange1 says:

    “So should the fans expect a collaboration between the two artists anytime soon? ‘Um, I don’t know,’ she said, pausing. ‘I love their music, but I don’t think so.’ ” Of course not…the word “collaboration” implies both parties are equal partners in the process. She will just listen to the songs they’ve written and take the best stuff for herself. GC will settle for their own leftovers.

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