Hilary Duff Enjoys A Bug Appetizer Down Under

posted a blog update at KOL from Australia. “When I got to Adelaide, it was sunny and warm,” she writes. “I slept about 9 hours on the flight so I had energy to burn. We found a mall and an outside market. We walked around and mostly looked in windows. It is so beautiful and relaxing here. We went to a few DVD stores to get some CD’s and movies. I was trying to find the Best of Saturday Night Live with Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. Later on, we went to eat with some of our friends from the record label. One guy literally ordered bugs as an appetizer! It is sort of a delicacy here! I was feeling adventurous and tasted one. It tasted like a cross between lobster and a beetle. It didn’t taste bad at all. It’s bed-time and I am one whole day ahead here in the Outback!”

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