Hilary Duff Enjoys A Few Days Off

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Wednesday (April 5). “I have a few days off and I am totally taking advantage,” Duff writes. “I have relaxed, chilled at the Coffee Bean, I’ve been doing Pilates and having ‘girls night out’ with my mom [Susan], sister Haylie and friends and spending time with my boyfriend [Joel Madden of Good Charlotte] too. It’s so good to be in sunny California (although we have had a few cold days), happy and stress free—having fun or just being lazy. Well the R&R is soon to end because in a week, I’ll be back to work. I’ll be in Cabo San Lucas, at a photo shoot for Elle! After that, my European tour awaits! I’ll be traveling to London, Italy, France, Amsterdam, Germany and Spain. Then we hit South America. I have my work cut out for me, but I love every bit of it!”

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