Hilary Duff Explains The Cigarette In Her Hand

Hilary Duff

checked in with her Twitter followers (@HilaryDuff) earlier today to respond to a photograph taken of her on June 15th outside Rock N Reilly’s Irish Pub in Los Angeles, which showed the new mother holding a cigarette. The 24-year-old writes:

Yikes me holding a cigarette for my friend might have been a bad idea! pretty bummed about the photo.. Sorry guys, looks worst than it is!

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5 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Explains The Cigarette In Her Hand

  1. john nelson says:

    It’s no body’s business if she does smoke…That’s what wrong with America now…Local government tries to tell people what to do. If you smoke it’s not their Damn business. you go girl!

  2. WILL says:

    It DOES matter, Moron! Smoking is a REAL nasty habit, unhealthy for EVERYONE, especially new mothers! Hilary is a role model and idol for millions, and as such, she CAN’T SMOKE!!! (Besides, only LOSERS still smoke! You know, like criminals, gang members, John Nelson, our President, and poorly parented negative children!) In fact, Hilary should DUMP the “friend” whose cigarette she is holding! (That is NOT a real friend, Hil! DUMP him!)

  3. Maxine Bender says:

    1) Will, you’re a idiot.
    2) As she’s an adult, it’s her right to smoke a cigarette if she pleases.
    3) I remember Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison. Very well-liked, classic artists & they smoked. Marylin Monroe smoked. I second John.

  4. Bean says:

    All of which are dead….

  5. Jj says:

    The cover wasn’t great it must be said, I smoke (i know, bad me!) but if i was caught i’d fess up instead of sticking to the typical ‘I was holding it for a friend’ no one who doesn’t smoke holds a cigarette like that if there holding it for someone, you hold the butt. I’ve never gotten a friend to hold my cigarette for me and had them hold it like that. :P
    But hey ho, its her choice same as it is everyone else’s.

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