Hilary Duff Fans Hunt For Treasure

According to the News section of Hilary Duff’s official website, there will be a charm treasure hunt starting at Target and Zellers Stores. Here’s how it works. Every now and then we will be putting some really cool charms on some of the “Stuff by Duff” products at the stores. They won’t be in everything, so you have to be really lucky to find one. They’ll be hidden, so no cheating! When you get one it will tell you a really cool secret about Hilary that you probably didn’t know. Some of them will represent products that we’re working on for Hilary’s line. The charms will also represent really important events in Hilary’s life like when her next CD or movie comes out. We’ll be keeping you updated on which charms you should be looking for and which ones are retired. Be sure to get your starter charm bracelet in Hilary’s jewelry line so you can collect them all! First charms are Flip flops, Lipstick, Texas, Puppy and T shirt. They’re available in the US from March 1st to July 11th and in Canada from May 1st to August 15th.

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