Hilary Duff Flips Out After Being Denied Freebie

The New York Post is spanking for the teen queen’s greediness at the Krieger chronograph company’s showcase. “She had her eye on a Krieger Gigantium valued at $15,000,” a spy revealed. “After trying on the watches, including a $20,000 model, tempers flared when they realized they could not have those particular items for free. The scene became mayhem.” In order to calm the situation, Krieger Watch president Lance Burstyn gave Duff a $4,500 watch.

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5 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Flips Out After Being Denied Freebie

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Why doesn’t the webmaster just change the name of the site to DuffDirt, how much gossip do we need to read about her and her tool-bag poseur boyfriend? Hilary’s become the most loathed child in hollywood, we get the point. Spare us the details of who’s bullying her this week.

  2. astrange1 says:

    Hilary: “Oh Joel it was so kewl!! I was a diva just like Mariah!! One of the guys there said I was a bigger assh*le than Lindsay!! That just made my day!! I am so b*tchin’!! Don’t I rawk, Joel?” Joel: “…Um…right….yeah…you do…What do I do now?” Hilary: “You attack those peope in your blog. How dare they not give me jewelry!! Just say you heard them promise it to me to get me to come and then they went back on their word. Let’s f*ck the over good. Got it?” Joel: “Yes dear. Anything else” Hilary: “When you talk to the press about this, make sure you are carrying my dog…or my purse…that way they know it’s my official position.” Joel: “But they’ll make fun of me?” Hilary: “So you think there’s a problem with our relationship? Is that what you think, b*tch?” Joel: “No I don’t think so..” Hiary: “WHO DOESN’T THINK SO?” Joel: “but..” Hilary: “WHO?” Joel: “Your ***** doesn’t think so.” Hilary: “That’s better. Let’s not hear another word then.” Joel: “Yes mommy…I mean yes, dear.” Hilary: “Let’s talk about something else. You said you were excited about a new song.” Joel: “Oh, yeah,it’s great..this one is bound to put GC back on the charts bigtime!!…maybe even #!!!” * Joel plays song * Hilary: “Hey, that is catchy. Even more repetitive than “Wake Up”. Easy to sing even for me!! Well good then, I agree to record it on my next album” Joel: but… Hilary: “Well it was for me, right? You’re not going to tell me you’re holding your best stuff back and giving me leftovers, are you?” Joel: “I guess not…but Benji will be really, really mad at me.” Hilary: “Well, handle it the way you usually do…just make sure the camcorder is on.”

  3. malibu says:

    I hope this isn’t true,she seems like such a down to earth girl. what the hell is with all these stars complaining the don’t get stuff for free……..hello aren’t u like a zillion times richer that the average person?

  4. ihatehilary says:

    so that’s where that comment came from in the other Hilary story.’, ‘the one that ISN’T the most read story of the day. you know, the Hilary and Joel one. funny though! in this story anyway. and it’s even funnier cuz it’s true! and that’s sad. mmmmmm, taped twinsex.

    hilary needed to get it free cuz she gave all her money away to the hurricane relief and to other charities!

    is any part of “they” joel?? what I’m really asking is, is this a Hilary AND JOEL story at all?

    most read story of the day! what, no Haylie stories today?

    i still like the other story of her crying when her $500 necklace got untangled best.

    no, she’s not. anymore anyway.’, ‘she gave all her money away to the hurricane relief!

  5. astrange1 says:

    I think Hilary has been on “The View” too much lately. Star Jones is starting to rub off on her.

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