Hilary Duff Goes Brown

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In a recent interview with Sophisticate’s hairstyle guide, revealed the reason why she went brown for short time. “Director Shawn Levy told me (‘Smallville’ star) Tom Welling is playing my brother in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, so he told me to add brown to my hair,” Duff said. “I came to the table read with medium-brown hair and Shawn was like, ‘Oh no! Back to blonde!’ When I was younger I had very blonde hair, but it had gotten darker the older I get. I like wearing highlights– they help off-set my hair’s fine texture.”

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One thought on “Hilary Duff Goes Brown

  1. summergal911 says:

    hi Hilary! I’m your #1 fan,maybe…. I like your movie that you made a couple of years ago well maybe but the movie’s name is Cadet Kelly I like it because at first you can’t get something right then it gets better and better then after a while you can’t believe you already got it right! I heard that Miley Cyrus is also your fan…well maybe it’s just a rumor from my 2 sisters by the way I like your new hair it looks pretty cool on you! :)

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