Hilary Duff Goes ‘Funky And Different’ On New Album

Though received help from her Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden and his brother/bandmate Benji on the three new tracks from ‘Most Wanted’, the 18-year-old is on her own putting together her next LP. “They’re working on their own album,” Hilary explained to MTV News. “I’m writing most of the stuff this time. It’s kind of just Kara [DioGuardi, a frequent Hilary collaborator] and me writing, and then going in the studio and recording.” While it’s still “very early on,” she said, she’s going in a new direction, “more dancey … but really hip-hop because we’re using a lot of real instruments. I don’t know exactly how to explain what we’re doing, but it’s fun and funky and different, something new for me. It’s really cool.”

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