Hilary Duff & Home Schooled Friends Throw Their Own Prom

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Friday (April 7). “For all of you out there, who are home schooled or tutored instead of going to a regular school everyday, you don’t have to miss special events like the prom or a school dance,” Duff advised. “You can have your own event, like I did with my friends. Since most of my friends don’t go to regular school, because they work so much, we decided to throw our own prom. We decorated my friend Dan Byrd’s house with streamers and balloons and moved all of the furniture out. The theme was 80’s style and you had to dress ’80’s or else you couldn’t come. There were about 30 people on our guest list. Some girls went to thrift stores to buy their dresses. The guys wore suits with chucks or crazy tuxedos with big bow ties. We had a DJ, voted for a prom king and queen and danced the night away, just like a real prom. We didn’t even spend that much money! Remember, you never have to miss out on anything. You can always create your own fun!”

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