Hilary Duff: I Guess I’m Old News To Lindsay Lohan

Hilary Duff took part in a Q&A with Sherri Wood of Sun Media, where she vented about her teen queen rival without referring to her by name at first. “I don’t even know the people who have talked bad about me or that I’ve supposedly said stuff about,” Duff said. “And millions and millions of people read about it and know about it and I’m, like, ‘I didn’t even know that’. It’s really hard to deal with.” She then added, “I don’t think there’s a way to prepare yourself for it… (You) just hope that it goes away.”

Asked if it has went away, Duff responded, “I think it’s died down a little bit. She’s started a couple more feuds with someone else, so I guess I’m old news now to her.”

Duff then explained how she “didn’t know” Lohan, saying, “No. I mean, we have two totally separate groups of friends. The thing is, I think there’s so many young people out there and really talented ones and I think she’s really talented, you know? And there’s so much work for everybody… I just don’t know the reasoning behind people talking bad about each other. It’s so not necessary.” Read more.

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5 thoughts on “Hilary Duff: I Guess I’m Old News To Lindsay Lohan

  1. Starlet01 says:

    Duff & Lohan’s Feud Is SO YESTERDAY!’, ‘Hate to say this but, I think Hilary is filled with a lot of hot air. For one, I strongly doubt Lindsay was the one that started the feud between them. In fact I think it’s Hilary’s fault for this whole war of words. It started three years ago when Lindsay briefly dated Aaron Carter after Hilary broke up with him. Basically Aaron became to needy & mildly controlling & Miss Duff dumb him. Any way! Out of need to be wanted & to get revenge on his ex, Aaron briefly dated Lindsay. When Lindsay learned his motives for dating her, she dumb him on the spot. And a few months later she started dating Wilmer Velderama. He’s 6 years older than Miss Lohan. Now I strongly believe that Aaron tried to create a feud between Hilary & Lindsay out of a need for attention & revenge for the young ladies both dumping him. At first it was working until Lindsay’s family feud was reveal & everyone realized that Lindsay had more important things to deal with, rather than dealing with an ex desperation for media attention & Hilary’s drama queen behavior. In fact Lindsay hasn’t said much of anything about Hilary in over a year or so. She’s been quite busy promoting Herbie:Fully Loaded & her debut album Speak, making her movie Just My Luck, & her parent’s divorce. She has absolutely no time to deal with a cheesy cat fight & a war of words. I know Hilary wants to create media buzz in order to promote her current album Most Wanted & her tour but, she needs to try a new strategy. I doubt Most Wanted will do all that well, since most of the album is a combination of her last two albums & the addition of 4 new songs. The only thing I think Hilary has the right to complain about is the fact that her ex (Aaron Carter) from three years ago is now bragging about their former love life. I don’t blame her for defending herself & dissing his entire disturbed & dysfunctional family. But, for her to whine about a past fake feud is down right lame. You would think she would be happy with dating her Simple Plan boyfriend & her up coming 18th. birthday. I’m surprise the media isn’t ripping into her for dating a guy way to old for her. There’s an 8 year difference between them.

  2. astrange1 says:

    This may be cynical…’, ‘but I think there is (or was) an unspoken understanding between them to keep the feud going because it turned them from merely teen stars into household names out of proportion with their actual accomplishments. I think they really don’t like each other, but they needed each other. Kind of sick, but Hollywood usually is that way.

  3. MusicTodayBlows says:

    She’s such a wimp- she lets Lindsay walk all over her

  4. Starlet01 says:

    You have a very good point, wouldn’t put it past them. Sad…huh!

  5. ihatehilary says:

    that’s cuz Lindsay has grown up and moved on. it’s sad Hilary can’t do the same. but she still is a kid, I guess. for another month at least. remember that Joel!

    how did MM figure out she was talking about Lindsay?

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