Hilary Duff Launches Visa Gift Card In Time For Fall Shopping

announced on Wednesday the debut of her new signature line of Visa Gift Cards. Targeting parents and families to purchase for teenagers, the prepaid card provides the benefits and convenience of a Visa, while ensuring that young shoppers spend only within their means. American teens spend an estimated $170 billion per year and are now offered a safer way to pay — the cards are easily replaceable if lost or stolen, a great benefit over gift certificates or cash. “I am so excited to be launching this new gift card. It is the perfect way to shop for back to school and beyond. I love the convenience and safety of not having to carry lots of cash, and now I can easily buy stuff online without having to borrow my parents’ credit card,” Hilary said.

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2 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Launches Visa Gift Card In Time For Fall Shopping

  1. mel_melanie says:

    Oh god, Hilary Duff’s music is so annoying she literally can not sing. She should at least stick with acting.

  2. bella89 says:

    What the hell? I’m sorry but I like my real credit card not some fake thing that has ‘Buy Hilary Duff’ all over it.

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