Hilary Duff: Lindsay Lohan Who?

The Boston Herald reports is setting the record straight on reports of a beef with fellow “tween queen” Lindsay Lohan. “I couldn’t even tell you what she looked like at the [‘Cheaper By The Dozen’] premiere,” Duff insisted. “I think I’ve met her maybe twice. It’s, like, every single time I see her, she starts talking bad about me.”

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2 thoughts on “Hilary Duff: Lindsay Lohan Who?

  1. Riddle_Jones says:

    When has Lindsay said anything bad about Hilary? I’ve never read an interview she’s done that she says anything about Hilary. From what I can see, Hilary is trying to make an enemy, because it’s the “in” thing right now. It was her and her mom who are always blaming Lindsay, like when Hilary’s car got egged. They blamed her, even though she was out of town. Like c’mon, I would egg Hilary’s car, or any other celebs. Whether I like them or not!!! I give credit to Lindsay, at least she doesn’t try and drag her mom into this. Getting her mom to stand up for her! Hilary is such a weakling! And I don’t get why the hell they are fighting over Aaron Carter? Like seriously he is the ugliest guy in the world, who is a player. Why don’t the two girls just tag-team and go against him, because he started all of this! Hahaha

  2. allyouwanted says:

    It’s weird when celebrities have people to back them up, because it seems like if they’re going to lie, they better get their story straight to make sure they’re on the same page. Hilary’s mom said that she and Hilary made an outburst at the Cheaper By The Dozen premiere because of the egg chucking incident, basically saying that Lindsay and Hilary had seen each other at the party for Hilary and her mother create a scene. Then Hilary goes and says that she never saw Lindsay at the premiere and she only met her once or twice, making it clear that they weren’t friends. So Hilary was saying that she didn’t see Lindsay or make an outburst, as did her representative who said she had to leave early because she had a performance or concert somewhere the next day. As a result, Hilary Duff and her mom have opposite stories of the same incident, and that means they’re lying. I don’t live anywhere near Duff or Lohan, and the Duff family can’t make up stories about Lindsay egging Hilary’s jeep, was it? Lindsay Lohan wasn’t even in the U.S.A., and they blame her when maybe one of Lindsay’s haters told Hilary Duff’s mom that Lindsay Lohan egged her jeep, you know? Besides, Parent Trap was much better than Casper Meets Wendy, I must add. And that whole thing with Aaron Carter, he still likes Hilary but apparently she’s moved on to some actor that’s not very recognizable, and I don’t know where Lindsay stands in all of that.

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