Hilary Duff: Lip-Synching Gaffes Could Never Happen To Me

took part in a Q&A with Australia’s NW magazine and no doubt will raise eyebrows with her response to whether she has felt pressured to lip-synch like Ashlee Simpson recently did on ‘Saturday Night Live’. “I’ve definitely felt pressure, but the band and me are all live so I feel really comfortable about that, that that could never happen to me,” she said, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. “But I have felt pressure before because in Europe they want you to lip-synch on their TV shows and it’s really hard to stand your ground because there it’s so normal. Like in Paris people do it all the time. I’m actually friends with Ashlee and people are giving her such a hard time but, I don’t know, I just think it sucks.”

The full story, including her thoughts on Mary Kate Olsen’s anorexia, Avril Lavigne’s beef with her, and whether her song ‘Haters’ is about teen-queen rival Lindsay Lohan, has since been removed from nw.ninemsn.com.au.

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