Hilary Duff Makes Another Trip To Calgary

With making her third concert stop in Calgary during the past 18 months, Mike Bell of the Calgary Sun asked the teen queen if she was ready to renounce her citizenship and become a passport-carrying Canadian. “No,” Duff laughed. “I want to be an American – I’m happy where I’m from. But I think that if I can’t be home, this is a good place to be. I’ve spent so much time in Toronto and Vancouver (making films, including the Ontario-shot ‘Cheaper By the Dozen 2’), and just touring here so much – I love it. I like the cold and it’s a good change from being in L.A. And the fans here are just amazing, at every single show, I can’t believe they keep coming back each time, sold out venues and they know every word.” The full story at calgarysun.com has since been removed.

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