Hilary Duff: Not So Yesterday

So I read magazines and all that and naturally people are going to use what does and says against her, like her song, and that it’s about saying good-bye to a boy. But anyways, people seem to think she’ll be gone tomorrow. I really doubt that.

First of all, she goes to so many cool premieres, like ‘Bringing Down the House’, ‘Monte Walsh’, and ‘Shanghai Nights’. If you’re wondering what that might have to do with staying famous is that when you go to a premiere, you are instantly more noticed. It’s not like, “OMG she’s at that premiere? She’s SOOO yesterday!” yeah… so just about every little girl in North American wants her name on their shirt, and she has a clothing line in Canada and the US which has been selling very well. Plus, it’s only been out for a short time.

When she went to MuchMusic, like everybody was over 12, and I think there’s a certain age that you have to be, but they were just beaming, and they were like old teens. Basically she just has a lot of supporting fans. She was a presenter at the Grammy Awards two months ago, and they don’t just pick anybody.

She’s promoted her work through guess appearances on shows like ‘Frasier’, ‘American Dreams’, and ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’. Also, she has many movies that have either been announced or are set as pre-production, so they will be out in 2005, which isn’t yesterday, my friends. Oh yeah, and one of her concerts in late 2003 was sold out in 3 minutes!!

She sold triple platinum copies of her latest CD and has had some of her songs on TV. shows and movies, as well as the fact that her newest movie, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, sold more than 100 million dollars in theatres. Wait till it goes on video tomorrow.

Need I say more? I know some hate because she rips off little children apparently, but that has nothing to do with if she will still be famous once the smoke clears. It’s safe to say that she will be the one of the hottest teens until she’s 18. Mistakes have been made in the past once child stars turn adult, so I can’t say that she won’t disappear after several years, but it works for some. Maybe her G rated style will catch up with her or something, I think everyone knows some possibilities of things going wrong.

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