Hilary Duff Offers Advice For ‘Mean Spirited’ Avril Lavigne

WENN reports that believes should show a lot more appreciation for her admirers. “I think some of the things Avril said about her fans were kind of mean-spirited,” Duff said, regarding Avril’s comments that those that dress like her should “get a life”. “She said that she was pissed off at her fans for copying her style. I was like, ‘You should be happy that these people like you and look up to you!'”

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8 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Offers Advice For ‘Mean Spirited’ Avril Lavigne

  1. Lil_Shant says:

    DAMN RIGHT! Avril is such a f**king retard! she should learn sum respect and start acting her age! she acts like a teenage boy for f**ks sake! I don’t even know why people look up to her… fair enough if her music was good and she was talented… but she’s not.

  2. right_wing says:

    Avril just said that stuff because she wants to be bad and rock and that’s supposedly what rockers say.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    ^^ there has been many rockers who people copy their looks and none insult their fans and just wrong …the only reason they should get a life is for still supporting that bloody bastard.

  4. tmowbray says:

    Avril Lavigne, man, I do feel kinda bad for her. Young, immature and unable to realize that her big mouth and rudeness will supersede her music if she keeps it up. If you just listen to her CD, it is pretty good. Then she started talking at awards shows, interviews, etc. She is nothing but a dumbass spoiled brat. No class whatsoever. Someone that cares about her should really set her straight. Her fans dwindle with each appearance. Poor dumb twit.

  5. MariahsMan says:

    You can always tell the celebs who are appreciative and grateful for their careers…because they ALWAYS embrace their fans and show gratitude towards them, no matter what.

  6. mel_melanie says:

    duh Avril has never said anything mean to her fans or about her fans she loves them! Every time she goes on stage and looks at everyone it makes her happy. popdirt blows because they tell too many lies or “stories”.

    oh and another thing Hilary Duff sucks!

    No! Avril loves her fans ,she just doesn’t like the fact that her fans act/dress like her.And I wouldn’t either.

  7. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    While I’m not a fan of Hilary Duff and I think that in real life (meaning not in an interview) she can be a little *****y, I agree with what she said. Yes, Avril HAS dissed her fans. Luckily I’ve never been a fan of hers, but all the same time, there’s a lot of little girls who just look up to. She should be happy she’s their role model instead of being a whiner. She’s 100% ungrateful and doesn’t deserve any success she gets. It’ll hurt her career in the long run.

  8. Jadeee says:

    Haha. No guys it wont hurt Avril’s career. her big mouth… gosh i wish she had that now! maybe she wouldn’t do such a crappy music :(

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