Hilary Duff Offers Pair Of Movie Reviews

checked in with fans on her blog over at AOL’s KOL service on Wednesday (January 18). “I forgot to tell you last week. I checked out two movies while I was in Vancouver,” the teen queen writes. “First, I saw ‘The Family Stone’. It was so good. Rachel McAdams really showed her talent, along with Diane Keaton and Luke Wilson. I laughed and cried. The movie takes you through all the bumps, good and bad, that happen in a family. The second movie ‘I saw was Walk the Line’. I can’t wait to download Johnny Cashs’ music to my iPod! Reese Witherspoon deserves an Oscar nomination for this one! Joaquin Phoenix was great too. I definitely recommend you go out and see these movies. It was cool to see two good movies in two days.”

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