Hilary Duff On ‘Access Hollywood’

talked to ‘Access Hollywood’ about her tour and boyfriend Joel Madden. “I wouldn’t let Joel in the studio for the two songs I recorded because I was scared, you know,” she laughed. “But it was really fun and I feel like I finally got control over what my music sounds like now.”

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4 thoughts on “Hilary Duff On ‘Access Hollywood’

  1. ihatehilary says:

    another hilary story. and from popstar. I think she’s trying to seem innocent. popstar, you’re starting to need a life as badly as MM. but is that what she said? I flipped passed it and saw her and caught a picture of joel and heard her say she wouldn’t let him in somewhere. well no wonder he thinks she can sing. he’s never heard her! smart move hilary. keep him as stupid and as whipped as you can for as long as you can. but you recorded 3 songs, you twit. no wonder she’s in harvard [extension]. hilary’s laughing because she finally has control over EVERYTHING. and over joel and how he writes her music. but it sounds exactly the same as her old stuff. she must have dated and controlled her last songwriters too. she will control the world one day! too bad astrange1 isn’t here. she’d like that control comment.

    i guess popstar took it to heart when I said we needed to make our own fun. or she’s desperate to look innocent. it’s okay popstar. we don’t care what you did or if you’re a murderer. hell, you’re astrange1’s sister and we still talk to you don’t we? so don’t worry.

    from now on when there aren’t any new stories, do I ask popstar or MM for more?

    now where the hell did popstar and twisted go?

  2. popstar says:

    Me. I run Popdirt now. muhahah.

    innocent? why would I need to look innocent?

    MM & Popstar have teamed up to rule Popdirt together.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    oh no. does that mean we have to look forward to even more Hilary stories than MM posted?? oh well, at least you like me. you have “control” now!

    that was way too fast. you teamed up with MM? what happened to you? what’s going on around here?? has Hilary finally taken over?

    i wonder why astrange1 has commented to this yet..’, ‘or to this story in general. maybe she’s still alive, but she’s dying slowly. like as my hands tighten slowly around her neck..

    seriously astrange1, my comment is begging for a b.itchy sarcastic reply from you.’, ‘nobody can push my buttons just right and bring me down like you afterall. and I need it. then I need you to comfort me. it’s been days since I got off.

  4. astrange1 says:

    You’re sounding a little paranoid…’, ‘…come to think of it maybe I’m Hilary and so you’re already being controlled and you don’t know it. I mean something that sneaky is the least you can expect from a girl who goes to Harvard (extension). It would also explain my intimate knowledge of the Harajuku. Oh, and don’t go running to twisted…she’s actually Hailey (that’s why she’s my b*tch) and when she’s not carrying my dog I let her join me, joel, and benji for some fun. P.S. Hey twisted…is Hailey a step down or up from being Aaron?

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