Hilary Duff On Madonna

The Calgary Sun caught up with Hilary Duff for a Q&A and asked the teen queen if Madonna would be making a guest appearance in her new film ‘Material Girls’. “Madonna is producing Material Girls through her company,” Duff said. “She also produced ‘Agent Cody Banks’, but we haven’t met her. We asked her to be in the music video Haylie and I are shooting but we don’t have her reply yet.” Asked if she was Madonna fan, Duff responded, “Oh, definitely. I grew up listening to Madonna. It feels surreal getting to do a cover of ‘Material Girl’. It’s such a great dance song.”

Madonna ‘All Dance, No Ballads’

June 21, 2005 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: MTV reports Madonna wants to get into the groove on her next album. “It’s all dance music,” she revealed recently. “No ballads, no slow songs.” The Queen of Pop has been working with several collaborates most of whom have lent a helping hand before including Mirwais, who brought his touches to -Music’ and -American Life-, as well as Stuart Price, the Re-invention Tour musical director. Jacques Lu Cont and Bloodshy & Avant who have previously done remixes for Madonna have also lent their sound on the upcoming, still-untitled album. Read more.

Madonna Defends Cruise’s Scientology

June 20, 2005 – Madonna sympathizes with Tom Cruise and the criticism he’s had to endure about Scientology. “I think people just feel uncomfortable with things that are different from the norm,” she tells ‘Extra’. As for Kabbalah critics, the Material Girl said, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Madonna: New Album Due November 2005

June 19, 2005 – Madonna’s official website Madonna.com confirmed news about the new album and a tour: “Madonna’s new album is expected to be released late November this year. WE can confirm that the album will be an all dance record! Madonna also hopes to go on tour again by next summer.”

Madonna’s ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ Trailer

June 19, 2005 – Members of Madonna’s official fan club can now watch the teaser trailer for the tour documentary by logging into icon.musictoday.com or visit Madonna-tv.com to view if you are not a member.

Madonna Eyes Return To West End Stage

June 16, 2005 – WENN reports that Madonna is finally planning a return to London’s West End stage after the success she enjoyed in 2002 with ‘Up For Grabs’. “My last play sold out within hours. I never missed a performance and above all, I loved it so much,” the Material Girl said, adding, “I’m planning on hooking up again with a musical mentor who I admire so much. And yes, it will be a musical role on the stage.”

Madonna’s Children Books Sell Over 500,000 Copies In The US

June 12, 2005 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: According to Nielsen BookScan only for the USA, data through the week ending June 5th has Madonna’s four children’s books selling 537,000 copies. The biggest seller is her first one, 2003’s ‘The English Roses’ with sales of 337,000 copies. ‘Lotsa de Casha’, the fifth and final instalment in the series of children’s books, was released on Tuesday (June 7).

Madonna’s Kabbalah Guesthouse… But Not A Kabbalah Hotel

June 11, 2005 – Though recent reports have suggested that Madonna intended to use the $2.9 million, five-story Georgian-style house in London that she recently purchased as a “Kabbalah hotel,” ‘Extra’ has learned that, while the house may be used for members of the religion to stay at when they’re in London, it’s not a hotel.

Madonna Visits ‘The View’

June 10, 2005 – Madonna dropped by ‘The View’ on Wednesday (June 8) to promote her new children’s book ‘Lotsa de Casha’. Madonna fan site Madonnalicious.com has video of her appearance available for download.

Leno’s Dig At Madonna

June 10, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Madonna has a new children’s book out that teaches children that money cannot buy happiness. It can get you a mansion in England, certainly, it can get you a bunch of cars, it can get you private jets, but it can’t buy you happiness. Apparently, it can’t buy you acting lessons, either.”

Madonna’s Children Books Deemed ‘Heavy Handed’

June 9, 2005 – Reuters reports that some critics haven’t been kind about Madonna’s series of children’s books, including her latest, ‘Lotsa de Casha’. “I think she makes the same mistake every celebrity author makes: They think they can write children’s books,” said Ilene Cooper, children’s book editor of Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association. She said that the Material Girl’s writing to date has been “heavy-handed” and in need of a good editor.

Madonna Promotes New Children’s Book In New York

June 9, 2005 – Madonna hit New York City to promote her latest children’s book ‘Lotsa De Casha’ at Borders Columbus Circle and Bergdorf Goodman on Tuesday (June 7). Portuguese painter Rui Paes illustrated the 48-page hardcover which tells the tale of the world’s richest man who loses all but gains a friend.

Madonna And Sting To Duet At Live 8

June 2, 2005 – The Sun is reporting that Sting and Madonna are to perform a duet at the forthcoming Live 8 gig. “They have had a discussion about performing a cover version,” a source revealed. “They thought about a Beatles song or maybe ‘Imagine'”.

Madonna.com Changes / New Album Information

May 26, 2005 – Check out Madonna’s new homepage at Madonna.com. The homepage’s new photo is of a recent red carpet appearance at London’s Sin City Premiere of Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie. Under the latest news icon Madonna.com reports “If you haven’t heard that Madonna is back in the studio recording, then you might be living under a rock! Chatter & speculation about the new album has been non-stop. What will be the theme of the album? Who does Madonna collaborate with? When will the album be released? Fans everywhere are dying to find out the truth. At this time, Madonna.com can confirm that Madonna is busy in the studio collaborating with new producers that she has never worked with before. Can’t confirm any names yet, but stay tuned to Madonna.com for more insider information.” For the story and the latest picture of the high profiled couple can be found at Madonna.com.

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