Hilary Duff On Run-In With Avril Lavigne

spoke with The Calgary Sun about attending last month’s MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, where she was within eyesight of pop rival Avril Lavigne. “Of course I saw Avril at the MuchMusic Awards. I see her all the time at events, but we’ve never actually met so we have never talked to each other,” Duff explained. “I don’t think we’ve ever purposely avoided each other. These kind of events don’t lend themselves to socializing.”

Avril And Deryck Make Out At Their BevHills Hotel

July 6, 2004 – was photographed making out and cuddling on a patio recliner with her Sum 41 boyfriend Deryck Whibley at their hotel in Beverly Hills, California the other day.

Avril Lavigne’s Third Single

July 6, 2004 – According to AvrilBandaids.com, the third single of Avril’s album ‘Under My Skin’ will be the song ‘Nobody’s Home’ which is a collaboration with former Evanescence member Ben Moody. They also mention that the video mix (by Tom Lord Alge) will be different than the album version.

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One thought on “Hilary Duff On Run-In With Avril Lavigne

  1. secretball555 says:

    I think Avril is all talk and no show. Even at the kids choice award she was literally a foot away from Hilary and she pretended that she couldn’t even see her. Avril is a wimp. She will never confront Hilary because she is a wimp. She wants to hide behind her camera’s and act like a hard ass, and then when she had several opportunities to confront Hilary, she never did. Yeah, she’s so tough.

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