Hilary Duff, Others Weigh In On Miley Cyrus ‘Nude’ Picture Flap

Fox News Channel’s ‘Live Desk’ had a panel discussion on the images of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair magazine featuring the ‘Hannah Montana’ star appearing to be nude except for a bed sheet covering her up.

Martha McCallum spoke first with Fox News entertainment correspondent Jill Dobson, who played their exclusive comment from on the controversy. “You have to be smart about it, and realize the position you’re in,” Duff said. “And that everybody is going to want to try to find the bad.”

‘Fox & Friends Weekends’ co-host Ainsley Earhardt thought it was a good lesson for Miley to learn at an early age. Conservative author Eric Metaxas says he hopes her Christian fans will turn their back on Miley if she thinks this is a career move. Finally, radio talk show host Bill Press wondered what Miley’s father Billy Ray was thinking, saying it was “outrageous to take advantage of her like this.”

The video segment at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Hilary Duff, Others Weigh In On Miley Cyrus ‘Nude’ Picture Flap

  1. viv says:

    this was the most ridiculous controversy in recent history, imo. omg you can see her back. better put her in a bikini instead. idiots

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