Hilary Duff Phones Into TRL

phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to bask in the glory of having both the number 1 video on their countdown with ‘So Yesterday’ and the number 1 album in the country with ‘Metamorphosis’. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Right now we got hillary on the phone. What’s up, girl?

Hilary: How you doing, man?

TRL: I’m great. Where you at? What are you doing today?

Hilary: I’m in the car driving to rehearsal right now. I have a show
in dallas tomorrow. So I got to practice.

TRL: I have to congratulate you because you have the number 1 album
in the country right now, which is great.

Hilary: I do. I do. I’m so excited. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m so thankful
for all the support and all the loyalness and all the fans. Thank you so

TRL: Where were you — what was your reaction like when you first heard
you skipped over mary J. And got that number 1 spot?

Hilary: Let’s see. I just finished doing actually a signing and I was
in the car going back to the hotel. I was in toronto yesterday. So i just
got in town today. And I was freaking out. I was like, oh, my god, I’m
number 1. It was so exciting.

TRL: When you were younger and you had a chance to watch “trl,” did
you ever think you might get the number 1 video on this show right here

Hilary: Are you kidding me? I still don’t think it’s — it’s so incredible.
And my friends, “trl” is their favorite show. And they call call me all
the time. You’re 3, you’re number 2. Today they called, you’re number 1.
It’s so exciting.

TRL: We’re excitxcited for you. What do you think it is about the video
that have people’s act reacting to it like they have and voting it all
the way up the countdown?

Hilary: I know don’t know. I love the song. It’s good for — if a girl
got stuck in a bad relationship and something about the video, it shows
that I kind have a sense of humor about it and I’m not really sad about
it. So it just shows how you can move on.

TRL: After all this talk about the video, you want to introduce it for
the first time to the people?

Hilary: Definitely. Oh, you guys. My video is number 1 today, here you
go, “so yesterday.”

TRL: Thanks for calling in.

Hilary: Thank you.

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