Hilary Duff Praises Vanessa Carlton And Michelle Branch

YM magazine recently caught up with and asked the star about her latest movie ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, as well as her music career, where she was asked who she would compare herself to. “That’s really hard because I don’t like to think of my music as being like other people’s music,” Duff said. “I’m actually working with this writer right now who composes weird, funky music and that’s going to be on my album. I like and . I play the piano. I took lessons for a long time when I was little, then I dropped out and now I started taking them again.” The story at ym.com has since been removed.

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12 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Praises Vanessa Carlton And Michelle Branch

  1. wassreallygood says:

    someone please slap this *****.

  2. hilarydufflover says:

    already posted…. Hilary owns Vanessa and Branch

  3. SJ says:

    How is Hilary gonna praise Branch when Branch dissed Hilary… Come on’ now!

  4. SelenaY143 says:

    ok, I think all I hear are giggles… nothing but giggles..LMAO

  5. luluvon_2000 says:

    Maybe that was before she knew about Branch dissing her…

  6. SelenaY143 says:

    Branch dissed Hillary??? NICE!!! I always knew Michelle Branch rocked!!! Woo go Michelle! erm Hillary…go hibernate sweetie :)

  7. hellahooked says:

    Hilary shut the fu** up. This girl is so annoying.

  8. HoneyRain says:

    Hilary.. you are so delusional.. you have a long way to go before you’ll EVER be as good as Carlton or Branch.. and guess what.. you probably won’t make it there! LMAO at the talentless bimbo

  9. Dominicano1197 says:

    I can’t wait until this girl’s career flops already! She can’t sing to save her life!

  10. crazystuff129 says:

    haahaaaaaa right..i have respect for her as an actress…stick with that..but Carlton and branch actually have singing talent! and I don’t think they use the lil voice thing that makes your voice different..and they don’t lip sync.

  11. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Don’t tell me she’s gonna start playing an instrument to make herself seem more credible…Or maybe she saw Britney’s piano playing on TRL and decided to once again try to emulate her. There’s nothing really special about her voice, imo, and she sings without any feeling. Then again, I really don’t see the hype in the vocal abilities of Vanessa or Michelle.

  12. kyip150 says:

    Good job in spelling, you 12 year old. Or should I say ‘gj in speling, you 12 yr old’ for you to understand? Hilary Duff’s in it for the money. You KNOW so. She is talentless. If it isn’t the instrument-playing-with-clothes-on era, we all KNOW Hilary would be there like a whore dancing provocatively and none of you 12 year olds’ parents would buy it for you.

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