Hilary Duff Promotes ‘Most Wanted’ On ‘The Late Show’

was on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Wednesday, promoting her album ‘Most Wanted’, though she didn’t perform. Hilary discussed her recent 18th birthday, taking an environmental science class online through Harvard, her boyfriend Joel Madden, touring with Good Charlotte, and she showed off some tricks she taught her pet dog Lola. Read on for a rough transcript.

Dave: Here’s the very lovely hilary duff, everybody. ( Applause )

Dave:How long ago did you have your 18th birthday?

Hilary: It was in september. The 28th.

Dave: And you turned?

Hilary: 18.

Dave: That’s crazy, isn’t it? My god, 18!

Hilary: Thank you.

Dave: You’ve been in show business a long time, haven’t you?

Hilary: Since I was, like, seven, six or seven, is when I really started
so I guess —

Dave: That’s 11 years for god’s sakes.

Hilary: It’s gone by so fast. I feel old. I feel older than 18.

Dave: Yeah… ( laughter ) but you have packed a lot of stuff, that
most kids 18 years old haven’t had those kind of experiences. So when you
turn 18, for a lot of kids it’s a big birthday to have. Was it a big birthday
for you?

Hilary: It was. My sister and boyfriend surprised me. They tried but
they got really shady around my house the last couple of days. It was a
big surprise birthday part.

Dave: How many people were there? Like 500 people. It was everyone I
of met in my whole life. It was like every time I turned around….

Dave: Was it fun?

Hilary: It was. It was a lot of fun. I got a lot of good presents, and
then afterwards my sister and Joel did something that was a little more
— like.

Dave: Intimate.

Hilary: With just our very close friends.

Dave: That was sort of like the after-party is that correct right?

Hilary: Yes.

Dave: Where was that?

Hilary: It was at this place called red buddha that I go to. It was
very small. You go there a lot, dave?

Dave: Yes, I think I’ve seen you there before.

Dave: The drinking age is 21, so you don’t drink. What do you do, just
watch people drink when you go in there?

Hilary: Exactly.

Dave: So you are like designated driver?

Hilary: We actually had a driver that night, but, yeah, I guess I am
the designated driver many night nights. My boyfriend actually doesn’t

Dave: This is the third time you’ve referenced your boyfriend. Shall
we show people?

Hilary: You just happen to be asking questions that involve him.

Dave: I have a picture of you and your boyfriend here.

Hilary: Yeah. Oh, wow.

Dave: Honest to god, why are they applauding? Why do you think they’re
applauding there?

Hilary: I don’t know it was very silent for a while. I got really nervous,

Dave: I think a lot of people were concerned for you. ( Laughter )

Hilary: Really?

Dave: Bu the guy’s all right, isn’t he?

Hilary: Yes.

Dave: He’s in good charlotte?

Hilary: Yes.

Dave: And how long have you known him?

Hilary: For, like, two years. So —

Dave: How did you meet?

Hilary: Through a mutual friend.

Dave: Does he have more tattoos?

Hilary: Than just that arm?

Dave: Yes?

Hilary: Yes like everywhere, huh?

Hilary: I don’t know. I know the other arm — nice try! But the other
arm and the legs.

Dave: And do you go on tour with the group and stuff?

Hilary: No, I mean, I’ve been to shows before, and I went on tour for,
like, two days just —

Dave: Crazy wasn’t it, crazy?

Hilary: You know what, they’re actually kind of boring. I love them,
but they’re not like these party guys like you would think.

Dave: The shows must be exciting.

Hilary: They are very exciting.

Dave: And when you see all of these people going crazy for your boyfriend
what, does that do?

Hilary: I love it, it’s cool. A lot of them don’t like me. Once a girl
threw a penny at me during the show.

Dave: Threw a penny.

Hilary: Ouch! Oh, yes, exactly.

Hilary: But it’s funny. A lot of them do like me, but some of them dislike
me. But I love the shows.

Dave: Now, you’ve finished high school, right?

Hilary: Yeah.

Dave: When did you graduate from high school?

Hilary: Since I’ve been working for such a long time, I graduated a
year and a half early. It was so weird, I got this letter from harvard
in the mail. And I was like, oh, this is interesting. And after I graduated
I was like this is awesome! I never have to do school again! Then when
nobody was it willing me to do it, I wanted to learn stuff, so I enrolled
in this on-line program, and it was an environmental science class.

Dave: You got a letter from harvard saying what?

Hilary: Come on our school.

Dave: I didn’t think it worked that way.

Hilary: Me, neither.

Dave: I’m going to have to check my mail from ’65. Maybe there’s an
invitation from harvard. Well, that eye mean, would you think about going
to harvard for god’s sake?

Hilary: I don’t think so. I work really hard. I already have a job,
and hopefully, I’ll be able to have this job for a little longer.

Dave: That’s right, but I mean, my god to have a degree from harvard,
that would be a whole different dimention to your life and career, wouldn’t

Hilary: I think so. They sent it to me and they know your iq–

Dave: How do they know your iq.

Hilary: They check in.

Dave: Check in with who?

Hilary: Should we get them on the phone.

Dave: Who has your iq information? Do you know what your I is?

Hilary: I don’T.

Dave: I know my own iq. It’s pretty high.

Hilary: Maybe I should know

Dave: 80. ( Laughter ) ( applause )

Hilary: Good job.

Dave: Pretty good, isn’t it? You have your little dog here. You want
to hurry and get your dog out here you have a little pet trick.

Dave: What is her name?

Hilary: Lola.

Dave: Oh, anniversary cute.

Hilary: You have her all bundled up there.

Hilary: Because you have this place freezing.

Dave: It’s to keep the dogs out. ( Laughter )

Hilary: Do you want to see the trick or not?

Dave: Yeah, I want to see a trick.

Hilary: She only does it if she has a treat, so this is chicken. Lola,
look, I have chicken. Hey, hey, sit down, sit.

Dave: How old is Lola?

Hilary: She’s a year.

Dave: Weigh, wave! Local asit down. Sit! Wave, wave, good girl. Wave,
local awave. Okay, she wants a treated first. Local awave at me. Thank

Dave: That’s very nice.

Hilary: One more. ( Applause ) this is the abnormal one. Lola, hey —

Dave: The dog will be hearing from harvard. ( Laughter )

Hilary: Local ahey, Lola, Lola, foody foody. Good girl. Did you guys
hear that? Lola, good girl. ( Applause )

Dave: Oh, my. Here’s the cd some new stuff and some old stuff, and it’s
doing very well. A big success. Thank you very much. Hilary duff, ladies
and gentlemen. Nice to see you again, thank you.

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