Hilary Duff: Right On Target

The Tinseltown opening was last week’s Target store bash at Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea in West Hollywood, according to the Houston Chronicle. The new Target flung open its doors for a special party to benefit the American Film Institute. There were food stations, living room areas and dessert counters located in practically every aisle of the enormous store, as well as blaring rock music. And Hilary Duff, looking adorable in a hot-pink crocheted poncho, went nuts buying everything hot pink she could find, from tank tops to purses to slinky dresses and lipsticks. “I love Target because you can get everything here, from DVDs to cosmetics, clothes to groceries,” said Duff, who has a marketing deal with the retailer for her ‘Stuff by Hilary Duff’ clothing line. “My mom bought my new stereo system at Target, and I always pick out my GameBoys here to take on the road when I’m traveling.”

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