Hilary Duff Says She Used To Be Pals With Lindsay Lohan

ContactMusic.com reports that has voiced confusion as to why she and former “phone pal” became enemies over Aaron Carter. “The thing I don’t understand is that for a while we used to talk on the phone way back when I was shooting ‘Lizzie Maguire’ and she was shooting a Disney Channel movie,” Duff said. “We were phone pals. Then, all of a sudden, all this bad stuff happened. I was just like, ‘Why would anyone ever do this to me?’ I didn’t really understand it. It’s hard being so young and having people lie about you, with millions of people reading or watching. It was all about a boyfriend that I had, and it was weird because he caused all this trouble that I didn’t really care about and that she couldn’t have cared about. You’re kids, what does it matter?”

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7 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Says She Used To Be Pals With Lindsay Lohan

  1. popstar says:

    this was in Elle Girl Magazine. & It’s old news that they were friends. Aaron always brings it up.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    TAKE HER BACK AARON!!! does she feel the same way about joel?

    if it’s not about her boyfriend JOEL, I don’t care and I’m done commenting.

  3. popstar says:

    *sigh* that really is getting old, you know. I DIDN’T SEND THIS OR ANY OTHER HILARY–‘, ‘STORY IN THE PAST WEEK!

  4. Smile says:

    When they first broke up, Lindsay and Hilary were talking Aaron and each other. Aaron didn’t say anything in public until after they did. They all seem to be talking about it. Like I said a few days ago, they all three need to move on.

  5. astrange1 says:

    Aaron will never move on…’, ‘it’s the only way he can get the press to pay attention to him.

  6. Smile says:

    Hilary and Lindsay talk just as much.

  7. astrange1 says:

    Yes but they talk about each other…it’s always “we were dating the same guy” without mentioning the guy’s name. I guess neither of them want to admit they dated Aaron Carter. Regardless of the depth (or lack there of) of their talents, they are celebrities in thier own right. Aaron can only get press attention in relation to those two.

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