Hilary Duff Stops By ‘The Tonight Show’

Hilary Duff 'Fly' single cover

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday to perform ‘Fly’ and talk with Jay on her 17th birthday, her just-released self-titled album, and her new movie ‘Raise Your Voice’. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: Hilary duff. That was great. We’ll be right back. I missed the kiss. We’ll talk with Hilary right after this. That was terrific.

Jay: Welcome. We’re talking with the — wait, it’s now — it’s officially past midnight, so it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

Hilary: Thank you so much.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, what are you doing? What are you doing to celebrate? What are you gonna do?

Hilary: Well, you know, I’ve been on tour with my sister for awhile. And I’ve been working all the time. So she planned a trip for me and two of my friends to go to Mexico.

Jay: Go to Mexico? Oh, okay. Well, that should be All right.

[ Cheers ] So what are you going to do down there?

Hilary: I’m going to relax and actually like sleep and lay out on the beach and have fun.

Jay: Oh, all right.

Hilary: No work. No work.

Jay: And your CD comes out today, right?

Hilary: Yes, it does.

Jay: Well, very good. Now, you have a — tell us about this picture you’re in. It’s called “raise your voice.” What’s it about?

Hilary: It’s pretty dramatic. You know, it’s like — it’s more dramatic than people have seen me do before. And it’s just about a young girl that has to deal with a a big tragedy in her life. Her brother dies.

Jay: All right, okay.

Hilary: And she goes off to this school and kind of finds herself, and it’s a big secret from one of her parents. And so she deals with all these kind of, like, emotions, and she overcomes it. And it just talks about, you know, like persevering through something terrible that happened and showing how she gets through it.

Jay: Now, we have a clip. Let’s see, what is this scene we’re gonna see? This — is David Keith your dad?

Hilary: Yeah.

Jay: I know David.

Hilary: Oh, you do?

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

Hilary: And Rita Wilson plays my mom

Jay: Oh, cool.

Hilary: And it’s a really interesting

Hilary:it’s called “raise your voice”.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Cool. Well, it’s called “raise your voice,” and it comes out on the 8th. And the CD comes out tomorrow. And we’ll see you on the beach at Mexico. Meet you down there. There you go.

[ Cheers and applause ] Hilary duff. Thank you, Hilary. Congratulations
on everything. Garry Shandling, thank you, sir, for coming. Always a pleasure.
Thanks for reminiscing with us.

Hilary: Congratulations.

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One thought on “Hilary Duff Stops By ‘The Tonight Show’

  1. allyouwanted says:

    yeah I watched that. I like her clothes, although her face is too shiny, she should change her make-up or the type or amount. but seriously she rarely ever wears anything slutty or revealing and that’s a good role model. but when she was singing, it was obvious it wasn’t all her, if you know what I mean.

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