Hilary Duff Versus Lindsay Lohan

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Hilary vs. Lindsay – Acting

The main issue that is discussed by teens all over the world is who is better – or Lindsay Lohan. Hilary Duff started out first, in movies like Casper and TV shows such as Lizzie McGuire. Her acting career – on film and TV – has been pretty steady. She currently has about 4 movies lined up for her, one including her much loved sister Haylie in the cast. She has had a few good hits, (definitely excluding Raise You Voice – a flop in Australia) but some not as good as Lindsay.

Lindsay started out at a later age, on The Parent Trap and then took a bit of a break from Hollywood, with minor TV movies and movies such as Life-Size, which wasn’t a major hit. She came back into the real Hollywood scene with Freaky Friday – a hit in the box office, followed by the flop Confessions Of A Drama Queen, followed by the hit Mean Girls. She currently has about 3 movies lined up for her, excluding Lady Luck on which she has started filming earlier this month.

Conclusion – Lindsay has taken the spotlight for acting.

Hilary vs. Lindsay – singing.

Hilary started singing earlier and has had more practice at it. Her debut album sold millions and millions around the world and was widely enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. She has won various awards (teen awards, nickelodeon etc.) for her album, and has come out with her new album, which hit number 1.
Her new album, which has sold many millions as well, is fantastic. She has been asked by the President’s daughters to perform at some ceremony, and has been enjoyed by Mr. Bush himself. Her music career is FANTASTIC, and she isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Lindsay is not a good singer. She has 2 good songs on her debut album Speak (which is a flop so far) – those being ‘Magnet’ and ‘Over’. The others are all obviously computerized and has a strong bass and tempo to drown out her bad voice. The day she is asked by the President to perform for her, she may have actually made it – or even won a teen award.

Conclusion: Hilary has stolen the limelight and is loved by every audience. Lindsay is only liked because of her ‘sluttiness’.

Honestly, I really like both of them equally, but this is just a summary of it.

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4 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Versus Lindsay Lohan

  1. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    First, Bush is a moron. Using him to make a point was not the smartest thing to do, hence proving yourself as a bush supporter and Hilary fan. second, get your facts straight. Lindsay started acting and modeling at 4 or 5. she did countless commercials and soap opera appearances. third, you and I have both proven you to be officially stupid, so shut the heck up, you stupid Hilary fan.

  2. allyouwanted says:

    ya lindsay lohan modeled when she was really young and she was in parent trap the same year as Hilary was in casper meets wendy I believe. lizzie mcguire was solid in the box office, cheaper by the dozen, but not because of her, and a cinderella story. raise your voice was a flop everywhere. it seriously sucked I mean first of all the title would have been much better as heart of summer but since it came out in October they had to change it. also, there was fake singing in it a lot that was obvious. me and my friends were laughing at it and the people behind us were laughing with us. me and one of my friends had to leave the theatre at one point because Hilary and that guy were fake singing so bad we were just dying. its definitely not hils best but oh well. she was never a really good actress just maybe in Lizzie Mcguire. Lindsay Lohan is a pretty good actress and her voice is better than hils she just has crappier music so saying that her voice is bad is saying that Hilary duffs voice is bad but whatever

  3. SaNKa says:

    THIS IS ABSURD! Hilary Duffs 2nd album is shocking! I don’t know why I bought. I’m a 17 year old guy, and I bought her album. I also own Lindsay Lohan’s which is a thousand times better, though still not the best. “Hilary Duff” album has ONE good song, which is Fly. The rest of the album is absolute *****e! I couldn’t believe you said her album was excellent, its the worst album I own and I own heaps of Cd’s. If you want a good album get something like Janet Jackson, Kelis or even Ashlee Simpson who is a whole lot better than Hilary.

  4. Robert says:

    I think Lindsay can’t sing, but she is better than Hilary.

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