Hilary Duff Wants To Sound Different

tells Ralph Berrier Jr. of The Roanoke Times that she’s interested in changing her music from her pop hits from her Disney days to a more rocking sound, with the help of Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden. She even re-recorded some of her earlier songs for a new CD. “I don’t write music to stay in the same genre,” she said. “I went into the studio with Joel and Benji to rewrite a lot of my records. It was more personal for me that way, I got to send the message I wanted to send out. I wanted it all to sound different.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Wants To Sound Different

  1. popstar says:

    this should be interesting. sounds like complete garbage. She ALWAYS says she had more control over her music than the previous. Even on her first album she was saying stupid stuff about having control over her album, when in fact, later complaining she didn’t have control.

  2. Michelle13105 says:

    funny…wake up sounds like the same poppy music she started out with

  3. malferrari says:

    Geez her three songs from her upcoming album are still like pop.

  4. HiLaRysFaN4LiFe says:

    OMG! lol why would she want to do this I love her style da way it is yea she does need a little more rock in iher singing but she is looking to change the whole thing I diffintly dnt agree HILARY STAY THE WAY U R ! every 1 (well most people ) like you the way u r if you change people are gonna get the impression that u are changing ur style to please others but we all know that your out there to sing how you sing in your style if way DONT U EVA CHANGE HILARY IM UR #1 FAN >>>>>>>>> U ROCK MI WORLD!!!!!! wuv u loads \r\nAshleigh……./ JuicY..FruiT

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