Hilary Duff Weighs In On War, Pollution… And Grilled Cheese

Cam Fuller of The Star Phoenix caught up with for a Q&A, while the teen queen attempted to cook a grilled cheese sandwich. With everything going on in the world like pollution and terrorist attacks, Duff was asked how she remain optimistic about the future. “Do you think people my age take any more better care of the environment? You know, we don’t, and that’s the problem,” Duff told the elder interviewer. “There’s not too many people out there that probably think of helping, you know, because maybe they think it’s just too big of a problem, that one person won’t matter so let’s just keep on living and destroying and whatever, you know? And I do it, too. We pollute. We do this, we do that, we don’t turn off our lights, whatever it is. There’s not enough awareness I think for people to really know how to… Um, I burned my grilled cheese. Man! … I think in the future it’s important to raise the awareness of people to be able to know what’s going on, to be enlightened. Especially with the war and stuff like that. Before, I was never too interested in our history or the safe places to be or the reasons why people are doing things to us like terrorist attacks or whatever it might be. It’s not a good thing that we have this war at all but at least people want to know about it now. They’re not just shut up to it because everything is at a peaceful place. There’s always something that’s going to be happening.” Read more.

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